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Personal Sponsorship Policy

Type-A Mom Conference 2010 is about the attendees having a great time, learning, connecting and getting ideas for taking their blog to the next level. None of the amazing possibilities would be there without the support of generous sponsors. The cost of a conference of this type is tremendous, from speaker expenses to supplies to meals, and so on.

Since most attendees are mom bloggers, we understand that it is hard to afford the opportunities that conferences like Type-A Mom provide (hey, that is exactly why some of our sessions will be geared to discovering ways to monetize your blog!). That is also why we work very hard to secure sponsors just to make the cost of a ticket as affordable as possible.

The cost of a Type-A Mom Conference ticket isn’t even enough to cover the meals provided. That means each registration we sell costs the conference money. So just imagine what the conference would be like without the support of sponsors. We wouldn’t get all the meals, we couldn’t have any cocktail receptions, we couldn’t have any speakers, we couldn’t have programs to hand out, there would be no gift bags for attendees, we couldn’t have any number of things a conference needs to operate and function.

We do this because we want the conference to be within reach for those on a budget. The reality is that we need to honor and respect the sponsors who fund the conference, because they are heavily subsidizing each attendee. Beyond that, we need to respect all attendees by ensuring the conference doesn’t become overwhelmed by both the official sponsors and the attendee’s personal sponsors.

For that reason, Type-A Mom is following in the footsteps of some other major blogging conferences and establishing a personal sponsorship policy. The Type-A Mom policy will be that:

  • Attendees and anyone on site at the conference will not be allowed to hand out, pass out or leave in public areas of the conference any form of swag, brochures, literature, advertisements or anything branded on behalf of a personal sponsor.
  • Personal sponsors will not be entitled to any benefits that official sponsors receive, such as any space on vendor tables.
  • No parties, functions or events on behalf of personal sponsors will be permitted on the conference grounds. If you will have a party off-site, we highly encourage you to contact us so we can coordinate to avoid official conference activities that conflict with your off-site event.
  • Anyone found violating the policy will have their conference pass revoked. If the violation is excessive, the sponsoring company will be billed for the equivalent of an official sponsorship.

What can you offer a personal sponsor? There are quite a few benefits a personal sponsor can receive.

  • Ad space on your blog
  • Mention in posts about the conference on your blog
  • Blog posts that you write for the company’s site
  • Consulting
  • Mention on your business cards that you will hand out at the conference (but please note, the business cards must be promoting you and your blog)
  • Wearing of clothing or carrying tote bags branded to the sponsor’s company
  • The best of all, your ability to network at the conference and talk in a non-aggressive manner about your personal sponsor.

We certainly appreciate the need many bloggers have to get financial assistance in attending conferences. If you are seeking a sponsor, you can post your request for Type-A Mom Conference sponsorship at Mom Reach. Blogger membership is free.