2009 Speakers

The Type-A Mom Conference speakers come from all walks of mom blogging life. There are marketing masterminds, and dazzling weavers of the written word. There are movers and shakers, Twitterati and social media mavens. Some know how to make cash blogging, some know how to build a fiercely loyal community of readers and followers, and some can craft a killer blogger brand. They all have one thing in common: these are the influential moms on the cutting edge of this brave new world of mommy blogging.

Meet the Power Moms of the Type-A Mom Conference.


Jill Asher


Bio: Jill Asher is the co-founder of Silicon Valley Moms Group, her brain child which now has over 350 Mom Blog Contributors and eleven collaborative sites, both in the United States and Canada.

In her “spare” time, Jill Asher consults with companies on Social Media Strategy, outreach and even hires mom bloggers to write content for these organizations.  (Yes Mom Bloggers, you can get paid for your time and words!).

In her prior life, Jill Asher was the Vice President of Human Resources for early stage, start up technology companies, where she took many of them through acquisition.  Merging her HR background with her new found love of blogging, Jill Asher turned her focus to social/new media consulting, blogging and building mom blog communities. And yes, loves every minute of it. OK, she loves almost every minute of it.

Blogs/Web sites: Silicon Valley Moms Blog | Chicago Moms Blog | DC Metro Moms Blog | New York City Moms Blog | New Jersey Moms Blog | 50-Something Moms Blog | Deep South Moms Blog | Los Angeles Moms Blog | Philadelphia Moms Blog | Rocky Mountain Moms Blog | Canada Moms Blog


Amy Lupold Bair


Bio: Amy Lupold Bair is a sometimes freelance writer, a former pro-blogger and an entrepreneurial social media marketer in the DC metro area – not to mention a stay at home mom to two pre-schoolers.

Amy has been blogging at her site, Resourceful Mommy, since mid-2008 where she covers a variety of topics including parenting tips, organizational strategies, product reviews and recommendations as well as a popular feature called “Ask Resourceful Mommy.” She also writes articles and product reviews for Type-A Mom as the Child Development Editor and for the popular online magazine Blissfully Domestic on their Family Channel. Amy worked as a pro-blogger from the fall of 2008 when she accepted a position as Chief Blogger for Family Eden’s blog until recently. Around that time Amy also launched her business, SiteWarming Parties by Resourceful Mommy, where she promotes a client through blog posts and online Twitter SiteWarming? “parties” as well as through product giveaway contests. The success of these events helped land her on the list of The Most Influential and Powerful Women in Social Media – 2008. Recently Amy created the quickly growing word-of-mouth mom network, Momfluence, which currently connects over 300 mom bloggers to custom created brand campaigns and public policy work, including the recent virtual march on Congress, Speak Now for Kids.Amy worked with familiar brands such as Walmart, Kellogg’s, and Hasbro.

Last winter, Amy spoke on the Social Media/Marketing panel at the Blissdom Conference in Nashville. She has also appeared as the featured guest on several Blog Talk Radio shows including Chicks Who Chat and Classy Mommy Live, and has been interviewed by a number of popular websites including Kelly McCausey’s Mom Masterminds marketing network and Profitable Mommy Blogging podcast. You can also catch Amy as the occasional guest on Living $MART on WUSA9, the CBS affiliate in Washington, DC.

Blogs/Web sites: Resourceful Mommy | Site Warming Parties | Momfluence

Type-A Mom Child Development Editor and contributor at Investigative Mommy Blogger


Joanne Bamberger


Bio: Joanne Bamberger is also known as PunditMom, a politically progressive mom AND political analyst living in the shadow of the nation’s capital. Joanne is a Contributing Editor at BlogHer and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, and MomsRising, as well as several other blogs.  Her political and social media commentary has been featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC.com, BBC Radio, & XM Radio POTUS ‘08, among others.  Joanne is currently writing a book based on her popular blog feature, Mothers of Intention.

Joanne has also been a featured speaker at many conferences including BlogHer ‘08, BlogHer DC ‘08, Feminism 2.0, as well as to a variety of national and regional organizations. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including The Washington Post, MSN.com, Adoptive Families Magazine, Amtrak’s Arrive Magazine and others.  In her “spare” time, Joanne likes to hang out with her husband and nine-year-old daughter planning their next international getaway!

Blogs/Web sites: PunditMom | PunditMom Reviews | Huffington Post | BlogHer | Momocrats | Moms Rising | DC Metro Moms


David Binkowski


Bio: David Binkowski is the senior vice president of Word-of-Mouth Marketing at MS&L and leads digital team in the New York office. David was named to the Member Ethics Advisory Panel for the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and wrote their Blogger Relations Ethics Code. He spearheaded the firm’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing division in 2005, leading hundreds of online campaigns representing numerous international and national brands for corporations including P&G, Outback Steakhouse, Evian, Eli Lilly and Company, dressbarn, Underwriters Laboratories, Brother and Intuit.

A father of three boys, David is a sought after speaker on online ethics, blogging, social media and digital strategy at top industry events and regularly consults  senior leadership at Fortune 500 companies on these issues. His work has won awards from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association WOMMIE Award for “Creating Buzz for the Canary Project”, PR Week Awards for “Best Use of the Internet” and “PR Innovation of the Year” and the Holmes Report’s SABRE award for IM MS&L, the firm’s proprietary influencer marketing practice.

Blogs/Web sites: David Binkowski


Kristile Cain


Bio: Kristile Cain is mom to two sets of twins ages 6 and 3. Before being blessed with her first set, she struggled with motherhood suffering 3 miscarriages in a 3 year period. She instantly became obsessed with finding answers and supporting other women going through miscarriage. She used her newfound knowledge to help others on the Conception After Miscarriage board on iVillage. Nine years later, Kris still runs two message boards for the moms that she befriended during her baby making time.

When not wearing her Mommy hat, Kris is a huge computer geek! Not a geek in the traditional sense (no pocket protectors here!), but she admits that she loves technology. She holds a full-time job in IT at the University of Chicago where she has worked for the past 14 years.  When not at work, Kris runs her own business, Cain Creative Photography.  She also does web design for herself and others.  She blogs about technology and Motherhood, writes as the Chicago Tech Gear Examiner on Examiner.com, and is Editor of the Family Technology section on Type-A Mom.

Blogs/web sites: LittleTechGirl | DoubleTwinz | Examiner.com | Cain Creative Photography

Type-A Mom Family Tech editor


Kelby Carr


Bio: Kelby Carr is a writer/blogger, SEO diva, foodie, social network maven/creator, travel junkie and former investigative newspaper reporter turned new media mom. She was named one of the 50 Most Influential and Powerful Women in Social Media. She operates a network of social parenting blogs as well as a social bookmarking site just for moms and an investigative blogging site. She also blogs for About.com, a New York Times Co., and Suite101, and she is a Tech and Meta editor for Blog Nosh Magazine. She blogs about social media, Twitter, mommy blogging, and life as a mom 2.0 empire builder at KelbyCarr.com. She’s been geeking it out on computers since the early 1980s, building web sites since the early 1990s, and blogging since 2002.

Blogs/Web sites: Type-A Mom | Foodie Mama | Dadosphere | momShare | PictureMyCamera | Investigative Mommy Blogger | Blog Nosh Magazine | France Travel | Family Adventures | KelbyCarr.com

Owner and Publisher of Type-A Mom network of sites


Astacia Carter


Bio: Astacia Carter is a stay-at-home mom of two girls. She is a social media addict. You can find her all over in Facebook or Twitter just about anytime of day. She is the Managing Editor of Type-A Mom and Seattle Special Needs Examiner. This fulfills her daily craving for both writing and HTML code. She is also a college student earning a degree in digital design. Her computer is always on. She has been writing her personal blog, Mamikaze, for over two years. She writes about the triumphs and trials of raising a child with multiple special needs, along with laments about her messy house and adventures on the PTA board.

Blogs/web sites: Mamikaze | Seattle Special Needs Examiner | Type-A Mom

Type-A Mom Chief Managing Editor


Janice Croze


Bio: In 2006, Janice Croze and her identical twin sister, Susan Carraretto, created 5 Minutes for Mom.com and it quickly became an essential, go-to site for moms that entertains and informs, while promoting the online mom community. The Wall Street Journal listed 5 Minutes for Mom as the 2nd top parenting blog and Technorati currently ranks it as the Second Top Parenting Blog, Top Family Blog, and in the Top 100 of all blogs.

Janice and Susan also own two successful e-commerce stores, Pedal Cars and Retro and A Rocking Horse to Love. They have just launched a new site designed around threaded video conversation called, Say it Face to Face.com. Janice and Susan are active on Twitter with over 6,500 followers on their @5minutesformom twitter account. Janice also tweets at @janicecroze.

Janice and her husband have two children, a seven year old son, Jackson, and a two year old daughter, Olivia.

Blogs/Web sites: 5 Minutes for Mom | Say it Face to Face | Pedal Cars and Retro | A Rocking Horse to Love


Robin Dance


Bio: Married to her college sweetheart and mom to two teens and a tween, Robin is all about ’savoring the moment’, especially moments like when her 16-year-old daughter told her brothers “As much as I hate to admit it, y’all might as well face it-mom is always right.”

She began blogging purely as creative outlet, never dreaming of the people she’d meet or the places she’d go as a result. Recently traveling to Calcutta, India with Compassion International to write about its work with children was her biggest thrill to date. Robin believes blogging is at its best when authors use their influence and passion to encourage, inspire and benefit others, whether in the marketplace or mom to mom. With a background in PR and marketing, she knows the power and sway of a blogger’s voice. Though she recently stepped down as inaugural editor for Inspired Bliss to invest in other opportunities, she continues as Religion/Philosophy editor for Blog Nosh Magazine and occasional contributor for 5 Minutes for Mom. She is a social media enthusiast, a budding photographer and sometimes poet. Someday she hopes to add OPI Color Namer and Sommelier to her resume. Laughable to some, but since she is convinced laughter is as crucial to life as oxygen, that’s perfectly fine with her.

Blogs/Web sites: Pensieve


Melanie Edwards


Bio: Melanie Edwards is a Modern Mami™. As a Latina working mother, she provides an honest depiction of the everyday humor and drama in the life of today’s wife, mother and woman from a Latina perspective. She often blogs about the special concerns working mothers have in attempting to achieve a work-life balance. Melanie has been married six years and has a 3-year-old daughter.

Blogs/Web sites: Modern Mami


Angela England


Bio: Angela England has been a stay-at-home mother for more than four years, and has been earning money as a web content and freelance writer for almost that long. In addition to three young children, England maintains certifications in massage therapy, childbirth education and labor doula support. Her print articles have been featured in Massage & Bodywork Magazine, Mothering Magazine, BodySense Magazine, and Sharing.

A natural teacher, avid book reader (and reviewer) as well as a social media fiend, Angela is comfortable on a wide variety of topics including faith, education, gardening, children, parenting, drama, music, health and wellness. Additionally, for the past six years she has worked as a virtual assistant for a work-at-home-mom who’s Executive-level leadership spans 44 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. England has recently worked with brands such as Hooked on Phonics, Nickelodeon’s Go, Diego, Go! and InJoy Birth and Parenting Education. A true Renaissance Woman!

Newly prepping to launch the Untrained Housewife.

Blogs/web sites: The Untrained Housewife |AngEngland | The Many Hats | Suite101 Feature Writer | BellaOnline Editor | Columnist at Examiner.com | Type-A-Mom Preschool Editor

Type-A Mom Preschoolers Editor and PictureMyCamera Nature Photography Editor


Anne Fitten Glenn


Bio: Anne Fitten Glenn is a freelance journalist, columnist, photographer, mom, and surburban tree-hugger. She’s been blogging about parenting, beer, books, and other topics at edgymama.com for almost five years. She writes a weekly humor column, also called Edgy Mama, for Asheville’s alternative newsweekly, Mountain Xpress. She also writes and photographs stories on business, arts & entertainment, and health for a variety of media outlets. During her 23 years as a journalist and educator, she’s closely watched media change and evolve in strange and intriguing directions. Glenn spends her free time mothering two kids, one husband, two marmalade cats, and one Dorkie Poo mutt. She rarely gets enough exercise, chocolate, sleep or beer.

Blog/web sites: Edgy Mama (the blog) | Edgy Mama (the column)


Tara Gerner-Ziegmont


Bio: Tara Gerner-Ziegmont is the momma of a 2-year-old who stays busy balancing a career teaching in a public high school with a passion for writing and internet marketing. She owns the Feels Like Home blog, where she gives advice on cooking, parenting, crafts, and homemaking and shares stories about her own adventures as a wife and mother. Tara also publishes Feels Like Home Recommends, where she shares products that relate to the same topics. She writes a weekly column on her Etsy finds at BlissfullyDomestic.com and serves as the Chief Managing Editor of FoodieMama.com and the Blissfuly Exchange Editor at Blissfully Domestic. Tara, her husband, and their daughter, share their Harrisburg, Pennsylvania home with four cats and a turtle.

Blogs/web sites: Feels Like Home | Feels Like Home Recommends | Foodie Mama

Foodie Mama Chief Managing Editor


Alyssa Gregory


Bio: Alyssa is the president of avertua, LLC, a virtual assistant firm in Stewartsville, NJ. Prior to starting avertua in 2003, Alyssa was the owner of a full-service design firm and has more than 8 years of business ownership under her belt.  She provides business support, design and desktop publishing services to her clients. In 2008, Alyssa’s first book was published, entitled: VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant. She is the founder of the Virtual Assistant Hub, a website created for collaboration and knowledge sharing among virtual assistants and clients of virtual assistants.

Alyssa loves to write, and many of her articles can be found on her small business blog, the Small Business Idea Generator. She is a blogger on Sitepoint.com, one of the largest informational websites for designers and developers in the world. She is also a Managing Editor on Type-A Mom, and frequently guest posts on other blogs.

She earned a B.A. in Communications with a major in Corporate Communications and minors in Business and Journalism from Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. Alyssa is a social media enthusiast and can frequently be found networking on the top social media sites. When she’s off the clock, Alyssa loves spending time with her husband and children in their home in New Jersey.

Blogs/Web sites: Avertua | Avertua Blog | VA Secrets Revealed | Virtual Assistant Hub | Sitepoint

Type-A Mom Mom Topics Managing Editor


David Griner


Bio: David Griner is a social media strategist for marketing agency Luckie & Company, where he helps brands such as Little Debbie, Books-A-Million and the Alabama Tourism Department connect with bloggers in ways that are respectful and mutually beneficial. Always candid and curious, David writes about social media issues on TheSocialPath com and is a regular contributor to Adweek’s blog, AdFreak.com.

Blogs/Web sites: The Social Path | Luckie | AdFreak


Trisha Haas


Bio: Trisha Haas is best known as the community leader for MomDot.com, a large mom blogging site that encompass the best of free blogger advertising and blog post submissions for bloggers all over the web. Splitting off into her own blog, iTrisha.com, Trisha has become the face of much blogosphere controversy, most noted for her sites “PR Blackout” week that was featured in the Washington Post, CNN, CNet, PR Week, and NPR.

Working with thousands of PR brands a year, Trisha was a leader in connecting bloggers to public relations before it was a ‘fad‘ and co-developed PitchBloggers.com and the Ethical Blogger Badge along side a PR Rep in January 2009. The site grew in thousands of applications so quickly that it was combined with the MomDot forums under a VIP area to control the quality and development of the relationships with bloggers and brands.

With nearly 150,000 posts in less than a year, the MomDot blogger forum has quickly become one of the busiest mom blogger meetup spots on the web for real time assistance, advice, advertising, and comment love for bloggers trying to connect in social media. Her widely attended “Friday Night Live” show that touches on the controversial to the educational, heard on Blog Talk Radio every Friday night, has long been a way for the MomDot community to gather the women and connect each week on a more personal level.

Trisha also strongly believes in charitable donations and created BloggersGive.com, an online review and giveaway blogger charity that encourages bloggers to work with PR to send extra product samples to a designated charity through the site. The site has collected over $13,000 worth of product donations for The Center for Courageous Kids.

Adding to her successful online blogs, Trisha is also an owner of a popular online boutique and will be a published author in October 2009. In just a year, MomDot has seen over a half a million visitors and remains a strong front runner in online social media and mom blogging community.

Blogs/Web sites: MomDot | Bloggers Give | iTrisha | PitchBloggers |

Owner and Publisher of MomDot network of sites


Jennifer James


Bio: A seasoned blogger and creator of niche web communities since 2003, Jennifer currently blogs for Mothering magazine, and has blogged for Capessa (Procter and Gamble), Yahoo! Health, EA Sports, Mom Logic, Club Mom and Pull-Ups.

Recognized as an influencer in the mom blogger community, Jennifer has been invited to blogger events hosted by Disney, Johnson and Johnson, EA Sports, Pampers, Google, and Underwriters Laboratories. Jennifer is the creator of the Mom Bloggers Club, one of the largest social networks for moms who blog at over 5000 members. Jennifer is currently the social media specialist for Norway-based baby furniture company STOKKE and frequently connects companies with digital moms. She has worked with Turner, Oscar Mayer, General Mills, Kodak, Food Network, McDonald’s, EA Sports, Game Crazy, Pizza Hut, and Mom Logic.

Blogs/Web sites: Mom Bloggers Club | The Mom Salon | Gamer Moms Club | Mum Bloggers Club UK | Mom Vloggers | Mommy Too Mag


Sugar Jones


Bio: Sugar Jones fancies herself a pragmatic dreamer… and a bit of a drama queen. She is married to a pilot who is teaching her to fly, and mom to four kids from Kindergarten to College, who are always teaching her more about herself. This summer, Sugar will be hitting the road (since the Travel Channel won’t give her a show) meeting new people and having adventures, vlogging all the way. Sugar will be combining her love of road trips and her homeschooling experiences to write for TravelingMom.com as well as launching Learning for Life on MomTV.com. Her travel posts will also be featured on CarandCaboodle.com.

Blogs/Web sites: Sugar in the Raw | Chicks Who Chat


Megan Jordan


Bio: Megan Jordan is the mother and writer (mommyblogger, huh?) behind the personal blog Velveteen Mind.  Focusing on perspective and the art of writing, she naturally segued to the creation of Blog Nosh Magazine, an online magazine featuring the strongest works of bloggers, undiscovered and beloved alike.  Her two latest projects are AmplifyHer.com (a mom bloggers’ resource for finding the most relevant articles, conferences, designers, etc. for making your blog the most engaging it can be) and adding to her current brood of two toddler boys with yet another bit o’ baby.

Blogs/web sites: Velveteen Mind | Blog Nosh Magazine | Amplify Her


Shari Keating


Bio: As the mother of a Special Needs child, and an educator working in EMH classrooms, Shari Keating has a working knowledge of the unique challenges that children with special needs face. As a tireless advocate for her own child, and someone trying to work within the school system for the children in her classroom, Shari brings a wealth of information to the table in understanding many of the challenges facing the families of those with special needs, and provides valuable insight into meeting them head on.

You can read more about Shari and her family at Diary of a Crazed Mommy and 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Shari lives in the Place Where Dreams Come True; Orlando, Florida with her husband and two sons, one of which has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of High Functioning Autism. There is pixie dust on her lawn every day.

Blogs/Web sites: Crazed Mommy | Crazed Mommy Reviews | 5 Minutes for Special Needs | Uptake


Mishelle Lane


Bio: Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Mishelle Lane is the only daughter born to Macedonian-American parents. Today she is a wife and mother of four and resides northeast of Metro Atlanta. Staying at home with her children provides daily challenges of a home schooling family and daily she is learning about the dynamic of siblings. Mishelle is also an avid photographer and blogger. Her blog, Secret Agent Mama, showcases her photography, poetry and prose, and has become popular in various blogging circles. Recently she was honored by being chosen as a finalist in the 2009 Weblog Awards in the Photography Category.  She also writes for Photo Bliss at Blissfully Domestic, is the Portrait Editor at Picture My Camera, and has been showcased at Shutter Sisters and Blog Nosh Magazine.

Blogs/web sites: Secret Agent Mama | Mishelle Lane Photography

PictureMyCamera Portrait Photography Editor and Investigative Mommy Blogger contributor


Cecily Kellogg


Bio: Cecily Kellogg has been writing since she could hold a pencil, but wasn’t much good at it until her mid-twenties. She started blogging in 2004, and it was through blogging she found her true writer voice and the courage to become a writer full time. Besides blogging, Cecily writes content for various internet sites, some interesting, some not.

Blogs/web sites: Uppercase Woman | Cecily Kellogg

Former Type-A Mom Mommy Blogging Editor


Angela LoSasso


Bio: Angela manages the U.S. Social Media | Social Networking program for HP’s Imaging and Printing Group. She oversees several HP social marketing assets, including her official HP Twitter account (AngelaAtHP), the HP Wiki, the HP Small Business Wiki, and she contributes to several HP blogs. (You can find her on Jeremiah Owyang’s Ongoing List of Community Managers at Enterprise Corporations.)

Angela has specialized in web and community strategy for more than a decade, and her social media and interactive work have been recognized with several awards, most recently with a CINE Golden Eagle Award and a gold medal at the New York Festival’s 2008 International Film and Video Awards.

Prior to joining HP in 2006, Angela was Director of Editorial at Netflix and was Executive Editor of Reviews at CNET. She’s a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting and Journalism at Arizona State University (go Devils!).

Blogs/Web sites: The HP Wiki | The HP Small Business Wiki


Lindsay Maines


Bio: Lindsay Maines is a mom to three, wife to a full-time heavy metal bass player, and a print journalist/blogger. She began blogging to build a book platform, and fell in love with social media along the way. She’s passionate about moms maintaining a sense of self after babies, whether it’s through music or other means.

Her print work’s appeared in The Washington Post and Brain,Child Magazine, and she’s spoken at Jeff Pulver’s SocComm and #140Conf on digital moms and their influence. She’s also written for MediaPost’s Engage:Mom column, and consults for several major entertainment companies about reaching the mom demographic online.

Lindsay can usually be found teaching at the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Maryland, chasing one of her three kids away from a firetruck, or chatting on Twitter with the amazing people who make inhabiting this online world so rich.

Blogs/Web sites: Rock and Roll Mama | Lindsay Reed Maines


Nancy Martira


Bio: Nancy Martira is a Senior Interactive Strategist at Ketchum PR in New York City, where she has developed a  special interest in engaging moms online. She provides strategic programming and tactical execution for a wide variety of technology, corporate, consumer product and food brands. She is proud of the collaborative campaigns that YOU have helped her execute for Kodak, FedEx, Clorox Green Works, Skinny Cow Ice Cream, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, the California Strawberry Commission and many others.

Prior to landing in PR she has been a Senate Page, a barista, a bank teller, a bilingual nanny, a cupcake blogger, an Executive Assistant, a freelance writer, a German-speaking Office Manager and a bridesmaid on more than one occasion.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, she now raises hell in Brooklyn.

Blogs/Web sites: Nancy Martira | Ketchum


Anissa Mayhew


Bio: What do you say about someone like Anissa Mayhew? Well, she’s probably the least guru-savvy-mavenish-techie person on this entire roster. If you leave out references to her unremarkable parenting skills, mediocre cooking prowess, and Old Navy powered fashion sense…there’s pretty much only her blogging…and her ability to rock the social media scene with 140 characters or less.  Taking an unknown blog public after two years has morphed into writing gigs for Deep South Moms and 5 Minutes For Special Needs, and becoming a Race and Ethnicity channel editor for BlogNosh Magazine.  A WAHM of 3 in Atlanta, Anissa writes about making imperfection an art form.

Blogs/web sites: FreeAnissa | AimingLow | Mayhew Review | Deep South Moms | 5 Minutes for Special Needs | Blog Nosh Magazine


Kristie McNealy


Bio: Kristie McNealy is a medical blogger and along with her husband, Rob McNealy, she co-founded the boutique social media marketing firm, Contrived Media.  In 2006, Kristie received her MD degree from the of University of Colorado School of Medicine, but the birth of her second daughter at 31 weeks caused her to indefinitely postpone residency training and medical practice. Now she uses the time she isn’t spending homeschooling, scratch cooking or cloth diapering to build websites that work, with a focus on balancing usability with search engine optimization.  You can find her blogging at KristieMcNealy.com, where she writes about the impacts of preterm birth, as well as women’s and children’s health issues.

Blogs/web sites: Kristie McNealy | Contrived Media

Former Type-A Mom NICU Editor


Jennifer Miner


Bio: Also known as Mudslide Mama of TravelingMamas.com, Jennifer Miner co-founded and co-writes this popular travel blog. She also is responsible for the weekly luxury travel column at Suite101.com, and contributes to Uptake.com’s restaurant bog. She is also a contributor to Fodor’s. She is most proud, professionally speaking, of the group blog Traveling Mamas. Jen Miner and her cowriters at Traveling Mamas are on the Nielsen Power Moms list of the 50 most influential bloggers.

Blogs/web sites: TheVacationGals
| Suite101 Luxury Travel


Cheryl Phillips


Bio: Cheryl Phillips is a single Mom of five and freelance writer who realized that Twitter was created so that she would stop being so long-winded. On her blog, The Daily Blonde, Cheryl posts her commentary on daily life and says what we’re all thinking without the sugar coating. She was recently named on the list of Top 25 Writers to Follow on Twitter and the Top Ten Female Twitter Users in the World. She was part of a panel for the First Rhode Island Tweet-Up and was featured in an article in Rhode Island Monthly Magazine.

Cheryl and her passion for blogging will be featured nationwide in an upcoming segment produced by the Ivanhoe Broadcast News. Cheryl is on the faculty of the Fishful Thinking program sponsored by Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Fishful Thinking is a program designed to promote optimism in children. Cheryl believes that laughing prevents wrinkles, chocolate solves most problems, hair dye is pure genius and growing up is over-rated.

Blogs/Web sites: The Daily Blonde | Best Ever You | The Fabulous Woman


Shannan Powell


Bio: After saying goodbye to the retail management world in 2006, following the birth of her second son, Shannan Powell began searching for a way to stay home with her child, while continuing to bring in an income. An opportunity came along to work as a freelance writer, and she never looked back. Wearing the many hats of a WAHM has been difficult at times, but she has learned to walk the fine line of work and home. Since then, she has launched her own freelance writing business, started her own blog, From Cribs to Car Keys, blogged professionally for several websites, and stretched her editing wings at Type-A Mom.

Her natural love for social networking has opened even bigger doors, handing Shannan her latest hat as the Community Manager of the Momfluence marketing network. She makes it all happen from her home near the Delaware coastline with her husband and three sons.

Blogs/web sites: From Cribs to Car Keys | Powell Creative Services

Type-A Mom Moms by Age Managing Editor and Birth Editor


Katja Presnal


Bio: Katja Presnal is a PR/ Social Media Marketing Consultant and a blogger.
Katja is a native of Finland, where she landed her first PR job with the nation’s largest telecommunications company straight from high school and continued building her marketing, sales and PR experience while studying in one of the top colleges of Finland. She is a seasoned PR, sales and marketing professional.

Katja Presnal built her reputation by offering an all-in-one Marketing Solution in the children’s fashion industry including Online Store Skimbaco.com, Lifestyle Blog SkimbacoLifestyle.com and PR Service. The products she has represented have received national and international press, including a product endorsed by Tom Cruise on Oprah Show. Katja is one of Walmart’s Elevenmoms, and was named as one of the 50 most powerful and infuential women in social media in 2008. She has worked with brands like Hanes, Disney, Frito-Lay and Pledge.

Blogs/web sites: Skimbaco Lifestyle | Skimbaco Home | Ladybug Landings

Former Type-A Mom Beauty and Fashion Editor


Lucretia Pruitt


Bio: Recently named Director of Social Media at Collective Bias, Lucretia is better known as GeekMommy on Twitter and elsewhere in the blogosphere.  Nielsen recently named her one of its Power Mom 50 (along with 49 other amazing women!) and she was one of the founding members of Walmart’s ElevenMoms. Addicted to anything having to do with technology or her daughter, Lucretia has maintained a blog since she had to hand-code HTML for her own site back in 1996. She’s much happier now that y’all are here with her sharing this corner of the Internet (and Asheville!).

Blogs/Web sites: Geek Mommy | Collective Bias | The Social Joint


Julie Roads


Bio: Julie Roads, founder of Writing Roads, LLC, is a professional marketing copywriter, speaker/workshopper and consultant with a specialty in web & blog writing. She’s all about voice - finding it capturing it, writing and connecting with it. Her writing has been featured on ChrisBrogan.com, Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog and Copyblogger. Julie is a huge supporter of the freelancer’s journey and has an ebook and a One on One Intensive both called, How to Be a Successful Copywriter. You can read Julie’s blog at www.writingroads.com/blog. Oh, and - of course - she’s a mom! Julie has two toddlers…they’re seven months apart and have been known to commandeer the laptop and, as they put it, ‘blog…just like Mama J.’

Blogs/web sites: Writing Roads | Writing Roads Blog | Social Media 101 | This Mommy Gig


Room 704


Bio: Room 704 is comprised of three fabulous ladies, (from l-r) Victoria Haller, Leslie Flinger, and Dawn Schnee. Each woman brings her specific strength to Room 704 Media, LLC, their multimedia empire, which consists of blogs, radio shows, twitter parties, blog advertising, social media consulting, and blog camps.

Leslie Flinger: Purveyor of Sexy Code (aka, The Techie)
Leslie, quite simply, kicks ass. With a Masters Degree in Web Design, nine years of experience, and her own company, Catapult Web Development, one would assume that Leslie is a dork that drinks Diet Coke while playing WoW all night long. In actuality, she’s totally geeky and spends her evenings drinking beer, having fun with php, SQL and other sexy codes, and making 404 errors her bitch.
Leslie also happens to be incredibly funny, with a knack for self-deprecating posts that resonate far and wide.
In addition to Room 704, Leslie can be found on twitter as @mrsflinger.

Victoria Haller: Public Relations & Marketing (aka, The Mouth)
Victoria has been “Mommy Blogging” for over two years…you know, to make something out of that English Literature degree. When she’s not busy thinking up wild marketing ideas for Room 704 and lucky friends, Victoria likes to hash out creative web 2.0 ideas with various companies as a Social Media Consultant.
Victoria, aka VDog, is best known for displaying her brilliance in 140 characters or less on twitter as @VDog. Victoria can live-tweet the pants off of any event she is so lucky to attend.

Dawn Schnee: CFO, Number Cruncher, Center of Gravity (aka, The Brain)
Dawn is a brutally honest “Mommy Blogger” (is there any other kind?) with a penchant for cute shoes and insomnia. A life long bra fanatic, Dawn also counts knitting, sex toy reviews, and driving over the speed limit as favorite hobbies.
Dawn can be found quietly running the Room 704 Media Circus while Victoria and Leslie loudly lead the crowd. Known for her mad internet sleuthing skills and number crunching abilities, Dawn keeps (or tries to keep) Room 704 Media in the black.
Dawn can be found tweeting about her latest etsy finds as @KaiserMommy.

Blogs/Web sites: Room 704 | Mrs. Flinger | VDog & Little Man | KaiserMommy | Catapult Web Development | Comfed Out Kaiser | Thirty Days of {blank} | Room 704 Radio | Room 704 Reviews |

Co-founders of Room 704 Media, LLC. Mommy Bloggers Extraordinaire. All around cool chicks.


Renee J. Ross


Bio: Less than one year ago, Renee J. Ross launched her personal blog Cutie Booty Cakes as a way to promote her new diaper cake business.  Before she had even shipped a cake, she was bitten by the blogging bug and had found a new passion. A self-confessed social media junkie, Renee leverages the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of important social and health-related causes.

She is a contributing editor for BlogHer, speaker for BlogHer 09, Mind of Moms Summit, and Blogolicious. She was recently named one of the Top 50 Power Moms in Digital Media by Nielsen, is a Walmart 11mom, and has worked with many companies including EA SPORTS, Hershey’s and Disney. Renee holds a Masters Degree in International Affairs and worked domestically and abroad in the field of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention for over ten years. After living a nomadic lifestyle, she has settled down in Georgia with her toddler son, Mekhi, and husband, Al. Her current commute is 100 feet, and she now focuses on preparing young minds for the future as the Director of an early childhood literacy program.
Blogs/web sites: Cutie Booty Cakes


Arianne Segerman


Bio: A Midwest transplant from Los Angeles, Arianne is a former Paralegal turned freelance writer, blogger and social media strategist now living in Chicago-land. She loves to challenge people to think and to educate themselves at her blog To Think Is To Create. She can also be found helping bloggers and companies come together for social media harmony, through her position as Director of Community Development at One2One Network.

An advocate for natural health and wellness, she continually strives for a mind/body/tech balance. She’s a mom of all boys, and all three of her sons have autism. They are the lights of her world, and their view on life challenges and inspires her every day.

Her passions are writing about special needs parenting as well as her weight loss journey. Be sure to check out her Thinking Thin series for more.

Blogs/Web sites: To Think is to Create | One2One Network


Stephanie Smirnov


Bio: Stephanie Smirnov is a ten-year veteran of DeVries Public Relations, one of the nation’s leading consumer PR firms. As president, she oversees the company’s Strategic and Creative Services team, which includes digital strategy, social media programming and blogger relations for blue-chip clients such as P&G, Pepperidge Farm, E&J Gallo and Tupperware. With two decades of experience in consumer PR, event management and cause marketing on both the agency and client sides, Stephanie has particular expertise in beauty, wellness and woman-to-woman communications.

She is a graduate of Sweet Briar College and lives in New Jersey with her husband and son.  She currently sits on the Board of Governors of Cosmetic Executive Women, the beauty industry’s leading trade organization, is a member of the Cause Marketing Forum and blogs as “PR Mama” on the challenges and rewards of being a working mother..

Blogs/Web sites: PR Mama | DeVries Public Relations


Jessica Smith


Bio:Jessica Smith, vice president of Fleishman-Hillard Sacramento, brings more than a decade of marketing and social media expertise to the firm and their clients. In 2008, while working as a consultant from home so she could be with her young son, Jessica began blogging about business, marketing, advertising, social media and achieving work/life balance as a virtual executive at JessicaKnows.com.

Sites/blogs: Jessica Knows | Fleishman-Hillard | Buzz Cooperative

Former Type-A Mom Beauty and Fashion Editor


Heather Spohr


Bio: Heather Spohr is a freelance writer who spends most of her day working and twittering from her office (aka the couch in her house). She started writing about her life seven years ago, before she’d even heard of the word “blog.” Her current blog, The Spohrs Are Multiplying, was started to keep family and friends informed of her difficult pregnancy with her first child. It chronicles everything from life with a premature baby to dealing with the sudden death of her daughter and the overwhelming grief that comes with losing a child.

Heather runs a non-profit started in memory of her daughter Madeline, Friends of Maddie, which helps support families of critically ill newborns. She and her husband Mike are currently expecting their second child.

Blogs/Web sites: The Spohrs Are Multiplying | Friends of Maddie | BlogNosh | Aiming Low |


Kara Williams


Bio: Kara Williams has worn many hats in her 19-year editorial career — magazine editor, corporate copyeditor and newspaper reporter to name a few. Today she’s a freelance travel writer and co-founder of the blog TravelingMamas.com. She also reviews travel gear at PracticalTravelGear.com, and contributes travel articles to Fodors.com and Grandparents.com, as well as print magazines like Every Day with Rachael Ray, Denver Life, 5280, Porthole and others.

Blogs/web sites: The Vacation Gals | Kara S. Williams


Allison Worthington


Bio: Allison Worthington is one of the most recognized names in online social media. Ranking #17 among the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media and 38th among Top Women Bloggers, Allison is well known and respected among her peers and the marketing community. Allison’s foray into social media started when she launched her personal blog Mrs. Fussypants in 2007 as a way to understand blogging and as a personal outlet as she worked to raise three young sons at the time. After garnering a large following, Allison launched Blissfully Domestic in 2008 as a way to showcase articles from her talented friends she had met through her personal blog. Blissfully Domestic now features 23 channels and curates content from over 200 writers across the web. Worthington Wire is Allison’s latest project and was created to give busy women a portal of breaking news from both National and Local sources as well as key articles from respected bloggers around the country. Worthington Wire currently features 17 categories and highlights content from hundreds of sources to create a one stop shop for women on the go who need their news in a quick and easy to digest fashion. Allison has a passion for fostering a sense of community among bloggers.

In 2008 she co-created BlissDom a conference dedicated to helping niche and personal bloggers find their voice and develop a plan to grow their online presence. The first Blissdom conference was attended by 75 women from across the country. In 2009, Blissdom’s attendance more than tripled and over 300 women were present for two days of sessions sponsored by Walmart, Lands End, Crocs, Care.com, Geek Squad, Sony and Disney. Allison is a happily married mother of five boys living in Nashville, Tennessee

Blogs/web sites: Blissfully Domestic | Worthington Wire | Mrs. Fussypants


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