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Meet Melanie Edwards aka @modernmami

03 Sep Posted by angengland in Meet the Speakers | Comments
Meet Melanie Edwards aka @modernmami

What type of work do you do? Describe some aspects of your typical day! melanie

My “day job” - I’m the Technology Specialist for a state-wide e-learning project. This means that I manage anything related to web and course design, technical support, desktop publishing, SEO, and marketing.

Additionally, as owner of, I handle content development, blog management, marketing, SEO, and social media monitoring and promotion.

How long have you been doing it and what got you started?

I’ve been in the e-learning industry for three years and have been blogging for about the same time.

I got started with blogging soon after my daughter was born. I needed to connect with other mothers since at the time, many of my friends did not have children. I was also seeking ways for me to work from home and stumbled on blogging as an option.

What is the most important thing you like to keep in mind? What are your future plans or goals?

I always have my family in mind. They are my motivation to keep working so hard.

My future goals are to work from home as a consultant/freelancer and provide social media and content services for others.


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