Meet Anissa Mayhew aka @AnissaMayhew


What type of work do you do? Describe some aspects of your typical day!

Any WAHM will tell you they are gifted with a special set of challenges. Juggling the writing assignments and blog development with the needs of three kids isn’t as simply cut and dry as choosing which one needs me most. If I’m anissadedicating time with my kids, I’m often feeling the weight of the work that needs to be done. When I throw down to get some projects completed, I struggle with the guilt of not spending enough time with my kids. It’s the classic emotional push/pull of the working mommy quandary….with 24 hour access to the fridge.

How long have you been doing it and what got you started?

I worked outside the home until my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Quitting my job so that I could take care of her full time in 2006, I turned to writing as a way of expressing so much of what was going on in our lives. I took our blog public in the summer of 2008 and have been shocked, and gratified, to see the blog community embrace me as a mom and a writer. Since going public in the past year, I have taken on writing jobs with Deep South Moms, 5 Minutes for Special Needs and Blog Nosh Magazine.

Did you have a mentor starting out?

What words of wisdom and encouragement did they have for you?

I don’t know that I had a mentor per se, because I was blogging before I even knew blogging was a word.

But when I decided in 2008 to take my blog public and tiptoe into the community and social networking aspect of it, I came into contact with some amazing people who were welcoming and encouraging.

Megan from Velveteen Mind was one of the first bloggers I worked up the nerve to email. She never failed to say what I needed to hear, offered her assistance and made me realize that no matter how “big a deal on the internet” you may think someone is, don’t be intimidated, don’t be afraid to ask your questions and throw out the first handshake of friendship.

What is the most important thing you like to keep in mind? What are your future plans or goals?

Traffic is important if you want to make money in this blogging gig, but as soon as the drive for readers starts taking the joy I feel when writing, I will stop. I try to remember that I write for myself, for my love of words and the incredible freedom I feel when I’ve expressed what I want to say HOW I wanted to say it, the gift given to me when a person comments saying “You touched me”.

If the money follows, WONDERFUL! But I think that for me to write the kind of blog I desire to have, I have to focus on connecting with my readers and building community more than filling ad space and worrying about monthly hits.

Future plans, I HAZ ‘em!

I am retiring the blog I’ve written for three years and just launched a new personal blog, Free Anissa. I have also had the incredible experience of organizing a dynamic group of women in the preparation of a new group blog that I think has the potential to do wonderful things, Aiming Low.

My goals? To write, to enjoy the people who make up this blog community and embrace the miracle of getting to take your hobby and turn it into a career.

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