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Kid Con

15 Jun Posted by kelby in Logistics | 3 comments
Kid Con

kid-conKid Con is the side of the Type-A Mom Conference that could, quite possibly, be the most unique feature of the conference. A mission I had in creating this conference was to finally offer a chance for moms to not just “be able to” bring their kids. And that’s when it struck me: why just offer babysitting? The kids can have their own conference!

I am still working through details, so this isn’t all written in stone. What I do know for sure is that we have two rooms available at the conference to separate babies and toddlers from older children. I am talking with locals to arrange things like craft classes and drum lessons, and with my own Foodie Mama editors for no-bake cooking classes.

Here are some of the plans for Kid Con:

  • It will not merely be a babysitting service, but its own mini version of a conference.
  • Children will get swag bags geared at their specific age group, as well as name tags.
  • Kid Con will have its own programming. We will have a schedule rich in fun and educational activities for the children attending Kid Con. .
  • Like their moms do as bloggers, the children at Kid Con will get to demo and test out cool new toys.
  • There will be two rooms to separate babies and small children from older children to allow for more comfortable surroundings for the caretakers and the children.

All of this will be provided for $35 per child during all programming hours of the conference, and attendees can be drop in or use the conference all day long.

The bad news is that the space for Kid Con is limited, so the number of spaces is limited. Besides that, it’s already proving really popular (about a third or more of moms registering for the conference so far are registering one or more kids for Kid Con). Kid Con spaces will be first registered, first served, so be sure to register now. (Plus, that $100 half-price Super Early Bird rate ends soon).

If you are with a toy company, a book publisher, a children’s food manufacturer or a local Asheville group that can provide educational entertainment or classes for the children at Kid Con, please contact me at kelby at typeamom dot net.

Photo of children, © edenpictures at Flickr



  • sarasophia says:

    What a fabulous idea!

    <3 sarasophia

  • vanillagrrl says:

    Excellent! The heritage camp we attend every year is like this: there are programs for kids and adults. You may want to talk with Pam Sweetser of Colorado Heritage Camps for ideas, since their camps have been set up this way for years. Hope this is helpful!

  • soapbox mom says:

    What a terrific idea!!!

    What’s the maximum age (if any)? Would kids 10-14 be included?


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