Accents on Asheville Speaker Dinner Tickets on Sale - EXTREMELY Limited Seating


market-cheeseI am very excited to announce ticketing is now open for the Accents on Asheville Speaker Dinners at the Type-A Mom Conference.

Each of the dinners will provide a unique chance to experience the wonderful local dining scene (to learn more about that or a particular restaurant, be sure to see the local tourism office’s where to eat in Asheville page, or their Foodtopian Society site). If you aren’t already aware, Asheville has a killer local food scene with 60-plus independent restaurants and 45-plus farm to table restaurants.

Each dinner has extremely limited seating, so I would not delay booking or you might not get to eat with the speakers you choose (or attend a dinner at all). Your tickets will include shuttle provided by Accents on Asheville from Crowne Plaza to the restaurants to vibrant downtown Asheville. That night, there will be much to do around downtown, including the weekly drum circle (weather permitting).

To book, you must be an attendee of the conference (and attendees can bring a spouse or significant other). If you haven’t already done so, register now.

Book your tickets now via secure form.

Photo of Asheville City Market cheese, © Kelby Carr

2 Responses to “Accents on Asheville Speaker Dinner Tickets on Sale - EXTREMELY Limited Seating”

  1. Sarah Mae says:

    Well, here’s hoping my first choice will be available - I purchased my ticket! :)

  2. Sandy says:

    When will we know if the dinner we picked is available and I also didn’t see what night these were on.

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